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Follow these safety guidelines to reduce the risk of injury on the court. Read More.

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Every season has a sport, but not every sport is limited to a time of year.

Many believe that basketball will soon rival soccer in worldwide popularity.

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Basketball players are very susceptible to getting poked in the eye.Use these tips to ensure that your high school basketball games and practices are as safe as possible by dealing with potential risks.

Like all sports, an informed player can help make the game safer.Basketball is fun for everyone, from young kids to grown-ups.

Court. Tennis safety precautions include playing on a safe court.Basketball ball handling drills and free basketball dribbling tips and skills at Offers drills to improve ball handling, dribbling a.Brain Injury Safety Tips and Prevention. Prevention Tips. of concussions among girls who play high school basketball resulted from contact with another.

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Safety in Baseball and Softball. Many of the injuries can be prevented if players wear safety gear and if additional safety measures are added to the game. Tips.

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However, be warned — a pickup game can cost you more than your pride.A visual inspection of the court gives you an idea of the playing conditions and any maintenance.

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As with any sport, there is a risk of injury when you play basketball.A UPMC Sports Medicine athletic trainer has tips on how you can improve your basketball game and stay safe on the court.

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Whether you play in a rec league, competitively, or just shoot hoops in your driveway, avoiding injuries.Many parents are looking for basketball safety tips for kids.Sports Safety Checklist to help prevent common athletic injuries. as football, ice hockey and basketball.

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It may be fun to play and great exercise, but basketball is also a contact sport, and injuries occur frequently and range from sprained ankles to concussions.CheerSafe is the leading cheerleading safety resource for cheerleading coaches, parents of cheerleaders, and media who cover cheerleading safety.

Really good video from Pure Sweat Basketball with a handful of drills that can be applied to players of all levels and competition.Learn how to prevent related injuries by taking the following precautions.

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No matter how many years of pitching or batting even the best players have under their belts, they still risk the possibility of.

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The sports and injury prevention posters provide recommendations for decreasing the most common risks associated with.

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We have tips to improve your ball handling, shooting, passing, and defense.

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